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MOROCCO: participatory model
This organization operates on a very strong participatory development model.
They would like help doing forums to ascertain community needs & desires and then help designing programs.
Great place to learn and practice project management. Great for students, graduates & very experienced people.
Mongolia is at a crossroads: it is a young, post-Soviet democracy whose vast mineral wealth has just been discovered.
The crucial question is: will mineral profits for to Mongolia or to the mining companies?
This stellar organization seeks people with a background in public administration, policy research;
or qualitative & quantitative analysis to help develop their civil society.
AFRICA: Breaking New Ground
We have two new organizations that are doing fascinating and important work in Africa:

1. Alternatives to the Slums: This organization helps build affordable housing for people making less than $10/day.
They primarily help people living in the slums. They have an amazing self-sustaining model of how the organization works.
Each home will have renewable energy: solar power and biodigester for cooking fuel.
They would like help with organizational development as they launch: refining how they are structured and run.

2. Teaching Film & Photography: This organization is also breaking ground by providing a way that Rwandan, Congolese, Sudanese and Ugandan youth and refugees can have a voice.
They likewise want help with organizational development in their early stages: refining how they are structured and run.
COSTA RICA: Learning to Lead by Laughing
Our micro-finance program in Costa Rica is lead by one of the most hilarious directors I have ever met!
She always has her staff in stitches, and thus willing to do anything to help the team. Come learn about leadership from one of the best. Spanish fluency is a must.
GRANT WRITING: Nepal Trafficking
~7,000 young women or girls are trafficked from Nepal into the sex trade in India per year.
This is one of the few trafficking organizations that welcomes international interns and volunteers.
Nepal, being a very poor country, has few sources of funding so they need grant writers & fund raisers.
Almost all of our partner organizations in Africa, Asia and South America struggle with funding.
If you have strong grant writing or fund raising ability, there are many places that need you.
UGANDA: Strategic Planning
Women's organization in the beautiful Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda is asking for help with strategic planning.
Like other African NGO's, non-profits have existed for 10 years or less. They are now asking for help in how they run their organization and achieve their goals. If you have both a head for strategy and mentoring, we need you!
Jordanian directors are currently considering if due to the very unpredictable and unsettled situation in region,
if it is wise time for volunteers to come. Though we cannot rule it out totally at this time; we will be very selective.
We recommend that people consider helping in other parts of the world.

Organization that is largest implementing partner for UNHCR in Jordan - they serve about 640,000 refugees -
asks for experienced people to help with:
managerial mentoring, proposal writing, Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and program & project design.
Jordan has earned its reputation of being both safe and very friendly.

JORDAN: Staff & Organizational Development
Cutting edge legal organization in Jordan has a long list of the many staff skills that they want to strengthen:
advocacy; grant writing; communications & social media; strategic planning; strengthening team all over the Kingdom;
quality assurance; professional writing and report writing; focus groups & needs assessment; SPSS; M&E.
I thought Jordan would be boring place but on the contrary, staff was young, hip, fun and funny.
Almost every organization that I spoke with in the Middle East said they desperately need help with funding.
Syrian org said they want help with grant writing & developing a strategy to build enterprises that sustain schools.
Fascinating peace building org and housing rights org in Israel/ Palestine are both limping along financially.
If you are a gifted grant writer, you are needed here and in many places in the future. i.e. This skill opens career doors.
Please read NGOabroad website:
and then briefly answer Questionnaire and paste with your resume into email to:

These are all volunteer opportunities.
Seasoned professionals, professors and students are all welcome.
Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

It is smart to finish application process by March so you have time to prepare to go to another country.

Our volunteer programs do not just run in June, July & August - that is simply when the most people can go.
Except primary & secondary schools that have school schedules to adhere to, most of our programs run year round.

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