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International Membership

The ISODC is committed to the development of scholarship and professional excellence for all its members.
To ensure this development, the organization believes in active involvement of members in an economically equitable
and culturally sensitive manner.

Accordingly, individual members who reside outside the continental U.S. are assessed annual dues based on a sliding
scale that is anchored in the World Bank classifications based on per capita income.

This policy applies to any member, who regardless of national origin, resides outside the continental U.S.; any member
whose permanent residence is outside the U.S. but who is temporarily residing in the U.S.; and members who are
operating outside the U.S.

This policy will be evaluated biennially by The  ISODC Board of Directors to ensure the effectiveness of the guideline
implementation process. If you reside outside the continental U.S., please locate the country you reside in on the
following table to determine your membership fee classification. 


Based on the income level for the country you reside in, your membership fee will fall under the High, Middle, and Low Income categories with fees adjusted accordingly. If you have any questions on the membership fees, please email



$110 US (High Income)

$66 US (Middle Income)

$22 US (Low Income)


$80 US (High Income)

$36 US (Middle Income)

$00 US (Low Income)



$150 US RODC (High Income)

$90 US RODC (Middle Income)

$30 US RODC (Low Income)



$80 US (High Income)

$36 US (Middle Income)

$00 US (Low Income) 


Review the code of Ethics here.

By clicking the link below, you will be taken to the International Membership Form. Please select the appropriate membership level from items 2a through 2l

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