ISODC Officers


 Joanne C. Preston  President 

Krystyna Tapp
Corporate Secretary

 Kimberley Barker
 Vice President

 Kenneth L. Wall

"What ISODC Means to Me" (see video below)

Board of Directors

Corporate Directors International Directors

Kimberley Barker | Ann Arbor, Michigan

 Tusi Avegalio | The Pacific Island Nations
Armandine Savall | France Ian Barber Spain
Stan Horwitz | Cape Town, South Africa  Nancy Coldham Canada

Noble Kumawu | Accra, Ghana 

 Jai Kulkarni | India
Ron Newton | California, USA Louw du Toit South Africa
Rachael Narel| Woodbridge, Illinois  Dick Engdahl New Zealand

Joanne C. Preston | Colorado Springs, Colorado  

Alana James |Ireland 

Kenneth Wall | Colorado Springs, Colorado

Yongming “Blake” Tang | China 

Quang Le | Washington, DC, USAEric Gaynor Butterfield  | USA


Fons Trompenaars | Amsterdam, The Netherlands  
President Emeritus Directors Emeritus
Terry Armstrong  Peter Sorensen
Jeanne Maes  Lena Neal
Roland Livingston Don Van Eynde
  Jerry Glover
  Tom Myers


OD Journal Chair/Editor
Joanne C. Preston
Production Editor
Krystyna Tapp
Newsletter Chair & Key Personnel
Kimberley Barker
Peer Review Editor(s)

Eric Sanders

Affiliations Chair/Professional OD
Tom Myers
Key Personnel
Donald Van Eynde
Noble Kumawu 
          Tusi Avegalio
Ian Barber
Nancy Coldham
          Louw du Toit 
Dick Engdahl
Eric Gaynor Butterfield

Jai Kulkarni
 Alana James
Memberships Chair 
Rachael Narel
Key Personnel
Graham Isaacs
Approvals & Tracking Chair
Roland Livingston
Marketing Chair
          Co Chair   open
Key Personnel
Krystyna Tapp
Social Media Chair
Charity Campbell
Web Development Chair
Graham Isaacs


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