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ISODC hosts events and webinars throughout the year, which are open to anyone interested in learning about OD and change. Annually, we come together--either in the United States or internationally--to share ideas, network, and develop new skills for OD interventions and facilitating change. This page houses our archives of past annual conferences or information exchanges.

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2023 ISODC International Hybrid Conference: 

“ODC Dynamics, Developments and Destiny”

What’s changing, what’s emerging, and where’s the field going
Conference Dates: May 17-19, 2023

Community Intervention: May 15-16, 2023

All the information you need to submit a proposal for 

an interactive and engaging presentation, panel or workshop during ISOCD 2023

About the Conference: 

A real opportunity! Bring your thinking to the rapidly expanding profession of organization development consulting (ODC). Go deeper into exploring what clients are asking for, what practitioners bring, and how to connect the two. 

Why Speak at the ISODC Conference? 

Opportunity for seasoned and student ODC practitioners/academics to present, host a workshop, or be a keynote.

      Share your research, your practice experiences, and your innovative ideas in OD and Change. 

      Gain constructive feedback on your work, strengthen your expertise, find collaborators for continuing projects, and build your resume.

      Use the conference theme to align your presentation (encouraged, not required).  

See page 2 for presentation format options and conditions.

Conference Logistics: 

All Conference Registration & additional information is here:

Conference Format: Hybrid:

      In-person: Mobile, Alabama, USA at the University of South Alabama, Mitchell College of Business 

      Virtual Option

How To Submit Your Request to Become A Speaker: 

     Due: February 15, 2023, by Midnight EST

     Notice of Acceptance Status: March 15, 2023 

     Apply now: Application Form

     Additional Questions? Email us at:

About the Submission Process: 

Potential speakers are asked to complete a brief Application Form in lieu of emailed submissions by 2/15/2023. 

-       If you have complications using the form, you may email your submission. 

-       If you are selected to present, you will have the opportunity to update your submission as the conference date gets closer.

ISODC is offering OPTIONAL pre-conference presentation coaching:

-       Pre-Presentation Coaching Sessions: Pro-bono 30-minute consultation with an ISODC coach is available. Coaches are prior conference speakers, ready to provide feedback and advice on your presentation, format, and public speaking skills.

-       Video Demos: All applicants who would like coaching may submit a 1-minute recording where you introduce yourself, and your pitch idea of your abstract. You can film this with your phone or a webcam. No need for any post-production.

Speaker/ Presentation Format Options: 

We strongly encourage designing your presentation to include as much discussion with attendees as possible. As such, dedication Q&A time is noted in the time. To honor time for all presenters, there is no flexibility on time allocations. Five (5) minutes will be allotted for set-up between presenters. 




 Professional  Presentations

25 min

(7-10 min Presentation
15 min Q&A) 

 Talks on OD practice, intervention research, academic research,  unique and novel practice methods or techniques, innovative  ideas, novel organizational research methods, and new OD-related  theory. 



90 min

 Dialogue with global colleagues while showcasing your skills and  expertise. Teach a unique skill, or offer something to your  colleagues to help them as they navigate the present and chart the  future of OD&C practice and research. 

 Panel  Discussions

30 min

 Select a topic and include your recommendations for three  panelists. Moderator is responsible for confirming presenters and  for facilitating Q&A. 

 Student  Research  Presentations

20 min

(15 min  Presentation

5 min Q&A)

 Eligible: Students currently enrolled in any OD or OD-related  program. Topics can be based on ongoing student research,  concepts & proposals (including dissertation research concept  presentations). This is a unique opportunity to receive constructive  feedback regarding your research and to glean some insights from  highly experienced researchers and practitioners. 

 Keynote  Speakers

30 min

(15 min presentation

15min Q&A)

 A keynote presentation addresses one of the three elements of the  theme of the conference. Ideally it is related to a significant aspect  of your professional work. 

Our Approach to Curation: 

Equity and inclusion: Our selection criteria are designed to enable a broad and diverse presenter roster. Our application form will ask for optional criteria that will not be shared with our peer reviewers in the initial evaluation process. They will help us curate our lineup from an inclusion and parity perspective. The Program Committee, who curates our final selection, will use this optional information from an inclusion and parity perspective.

First time speakers are welcome! Our team is open to 1:1 coaching with you. 

Your proposal is peer-reviewed by members of the ISOCD community — the Program Committee. We review proposal on the basis of quality, speaker experience, and how well the proposal aligns with other presentations to create a narrative, keeping in mind our overall aim. 

We’ll be using these criteria to evaluate:

1.   Does the proposal have clear outcomes and key takeaways that participants will get out of the session?

2.   Does the proposal speak to, involve, or collaborate with one or more of our conference audiences?

3.   Does the proposal offer something interesting, useful, innovative, or important to the event?

4.   Does the proposal support our aims to present and amplify ODC Dynamics, Developments and Destiny?

Feedback & Selection: 

The Program Committee will provide brief feedback on any proposal not selected. Notice of Acceptance Status will occur no later than March 15, 2023.

Getting Ready to Start Your Submission:

We know that organizing your proposal can seem daunting, so we’ve made this handy checklist for you to gather your thoughts before you start:

•     Title of your session

•     Teaser (A Twitter-style description of your talk)

•     Format (Talk? Workshop? Panel/Roundtable?)

•     Description of your session

•     Three key takeaways

•     Your connection to the topic

Once your proposal is submitted, you will receive an automated confirmation email with a copy of your submission. Make sure you check your spam folder if you don't find a message in your inbox! 


Thank you! 

Help us build the 
2023 ISODC International Hybrid Conference!

One thing is for sure — we need help before and during — supporting various parts of the event, assisting our speakers and attendees, and even hosting activities!

Conference access is free for approved volunteers.

You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer.

I’m Interested

How can I help?


The Program team is responsible for curation. We imagine a diverse support team to help us create a program representing ISODC’s international community. This team will review proposal submissions and ensure we have quality, well-rounded content throughout the event.


Do you live for social marketing? Crafting that perfect email? We need you to help develop and execute our communications strategy - with flair! Not to mention building and keeping the conference website up to date!

Experience Design

The 2023 ISODC International Hybrid Conference offers the possibility to bring our conference experience into the digital space. As part of this team, you’ll shape the in-person and virtual experiences that we’ll share in May.

Technology Support

Creating great content online isn’t possible without a team to keep our platforms running smoothly. If crafting a tech stack custom-built for the ISODC experience or presentation/workshop support is an area of interest, we want to hear from you.

Speaker support

ISODC 23 comes to life through the content created by our presenters. As part of this team, you’ll support our speakers in crafting their presentations and ensuring they put their best face forward online.

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