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    Participants will learn to recognize, respect, reconcile, and realize different cultural values

    About this Event

    “Culture is not a side dish, it is the main course,” – Fons Trompenaars

    The Professional Certificate in Cultural Competence enables educators and professionals to develop essential knowledge and skills for cultural competence, change and development, and leadership in our diverse world. From the classroom to global boardrooms to local communities, the demand for cultural competence is needed today more than ever in education, government, military, healthcare, human services, business, tourism, and hospitality. The class begins in April, 2021. 

    Educators and professionals in our global community need to interact with people from different cultures, regardless of local, regional, national, or international contexts. Participants will learn to recognize, respect, reconcile, and realize different cultural values. They will learn to use their new knowledge to work in diverse workplaces, create culturally-appropriate change and development initiatives, and work internationally. 

    Delivered completely online by the Institute for Culture, Change, and Leadership, the Professional Certificate in Cultural Competence includes two engaging four-week online courses. Each class has a one-hour call scheduled weekly to review its content. The time of the session is determined by the class. 

    Why is Cultural Competence So Important?

    Culture influences everything we do, from the food we eat to how we interact with others. Whether in a classroom, board meeting, customer service interface, or working with persons from different countries for business development, when two or more people from different cultures interact, the chances for misunderstandings, increases significantly. Viewing situations through a cultural lens helps people to interpret and validate the beliefs and values of others. People who are equipped with cultural competency skills are more effective leaders, team members, service providers, and colleagues.

    New and reconciled solutions to common workplace issues are developed through recognition and respect for seemingly opposing cultural values. These approaches enable people with different cultural orientations to work together in cooperation rather than conflict.

    What are the advantages of the Certificate in Cultural Competency?

    The Certificate provides advantages to anyone who wishes to improve how they operate in culturally diverse settings. The courses may be delivered to cohorts of individual professionals, or as in-house continuing education in schools, corporations, communities, and governments.

    The Certificate Advantages...

    Based on the work of Trompenaars, Hampden-Turner, Glover, and Barker - widely recognized authorities in the field of cultural differences and developing cultural competence.

    Content designed to develop more than basic knowledge of one or more specific cultures, providing the learners with cultural competence to apply in a variety of cultural contexts.

    Learners master concepts of culture, a framework, and method, then an operational and applied way to understand and work with culture and different cultural settings.

    Course materials have user-friendly designs, with engaging content and interface. We use two books that will need to be purchased. Stories, cases, simulations, and examples based on actual situations used to illustrated learning.

    Flexible schedules to fit work and family demands.

    Engaging discussions, video calls, and interactive formats.

    Four-week courses in which the learners progressively learn to be more culturally competent.

    Culture, change, development, and leadership are linked.

    Individual Benefits...

    Individuals may use the learning from the certificate to enhance their professional development and daily leadership skills and practices.

    Easy to use online format for course sites.

    No previous experience or credentials needed.

    “This program is great for anyone looking to add to their skill set. The instructors bring with them a wealth of knowledge and practical experiences that really create a dynamic learning environment with exceptional content that takes theory and applies it effectively to real-life cultural dilemmas.” - Leah

    In-House Organizational Training Benefits...

    Custom designed cases, dilemmas to make the learning relevant to the organization.

    Applications to cultural dilemmas in the organization.

    Projects to resolve workplace issues.

    Professional associations may use the Certificate to provide professional development opportunities for their members. One or all courses can be custom designed for association members’ learning needs.

    “Although I have been doing cultural competence work for several years, the certificate is teaching me a framework I did not know. I am being taught by seasoned professionals with solid academic experience and credentials, AND by highly experienced professionals active in the field.” - Regina

    For more information and questions, contact Kimberley Barker at

    The registration fee for course one is $350. The registration fee for course two is $525. Certificate price if classes are taken back to back is $800 USD - that is a $75 savings!!   Here is the link to register for class two:

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