Code of Ethics

As OD professionals, we acknowledge the fundamental importance of the following values both for ourselves
and our profession: 

  • Quality of life: that people are satisfied with their whole life experience; 

  • Health, human potential, empowerment, growth
    and excellence
    : that people are healthy, aware of the fullness of their potential, recognize their power to bring
    that potential into being, growing into it, living it, and,
    generally, doing the best they can with it, individually
    and collectively; 

  • Freedom and responsibility: people are free and responsible in choosing how they will live their lives; 

  • Justice: that people live lives whose results are fair
    and right for everyone; 

  • Dignity, integrity, worth and fundamental rights of individuals, organizations, communities, societies,
    and other human systems;

  • All-win attitudes and cooperation: that people care about one another and about working together to achieve results that work for everyone, individually and collectively;

  • Authenticity and openness in relationships; 

  • Effectiveness, efficiency and alignment: that people achieve the maximum of desired results, at minimum cost, in ways that coordinate their individual energies and purposes with those of the system-as-a-whole, the subsystems of which they are parts, and the larger
    system of which their system is a part; 

  • Holistic, systemic view and stakeholder orientation: understanding human behavior; 

  • From the perspective of whole system(s) that influence
    and are influenced by that behavior
    : recognizing the interests that different people have in the system’s
    results and valuing those interests fairly and justly; 

  • Wide participation: in system affairs, confrontation
    of issues leading to effective problem solving, and
    democratic decision making; 

  • Encouraging and facilitating others to be able to recognize reality and to have the fortitude and skills to deal with it honestly, fearlessly, and proactively.

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